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2016 08-05
A beautiful gift for your pets-The new pets' ties designed by Xiuhe

  Nowadays, more and more families like to keep pets in their houses. They can be dogs,cats,pigs,horses,birds or even any other lovely animals. The pets always plays an important role in our life, They are the children's playmate and the adults' chi...

2016 07-27
The Tie production base of the world - Shengzhou,introducd by Xiuhe custom tie factory

   China has the largest Tie production market and industrial clusters. We also have the world famous design and production technology, a lot of The world's top brands Set up production bases in China, meanwhile, a lot of  Local brands ar...

2016 07-12
How to choose suitable men's neckties in the hot summer?

   It is July now, and for the people in the northern hemisphere, we are going through the hottest time of the whole year, and few people want to wear too many clothes on their body except the essential ones. In Some formal occasions, neckties ...

2016 06-30
The special guests of Xiuhe tie factory

   A few days ago, The Xiuhe tie factory received several special guests-Seven lovely female college students. They are all only twenty years old. And Xiuhe was luckily elected to be the practice base of their summer internship because of ou...

2016 06-24
New product series of Xiuhe tie factory

  In the 21st century, Quality has been the keynote for the fashion people. Our income is getting higher and higher and we want a better life, maybe it means larger houses, more expensive cars, more high-grade clothes, and clothing accessories ...

2016 06-16
A delicate gift for father

   In most western countries of the world, the people will have a important festival-The Father's Day. It is usually on the third Sunday of June. People hold this festival to celebrate the contribution that fathers and father figures make fo...

2016 06-11
Xiuhe tie Factory successfully completed customization of lawyer tie

  The most employees of large companies, the government units and public institutions need to wear neckties when working, because their jobs ask them to pay attention to their personal images.  Different companies have their unique culture and ...

2016 06-08
The Dragon Boat Festival in Xiuhe tie factory

 Tomorrow is The Dragon Boat Festival-A special day for all Chinese. It has been set up since thousands of years ago to commemorate a man named Qu Yuan,     who made huge achievement for his country and commit suicide by jumping in...

2016 06-04
The gift for Children's Day -New elastic cartoon children necktie

   There is an important festival for children all over the world in early June -The International Children's Day. And it has just past. It was a special festival which only belongs to the children. For every child, it means parties, it means c...

2016 05-27
The novelty tie specially designed for “lazy men”

  In daily life, the neckties are always important for men, because they are indispensable in some special occasions. There are always someone who hate wearing ties just because they don't know how to tie one.  The length of the traditional tie

2016 05-24
Xiuhe tie factory launched new products-The cross-stitch tie and bow tie

  The tie and bow tie are traditional clothing accessories of men that can be divided into several categories according to the fabrics and craftsmanship. The silk, polyester and cotton are the most commonly used material, while the Woven techn...

2016 05-12
The May-birthday party of Xiuhe tie factory

  We hold a wonderful party for our colleagues whose birthdays are in May. It was their memorable day,     and it was also a rare opportunity for everyone to get together and relax themselves. As always, We hold it at the beginning of t...

2016 05-09
The 119th Canton fair, Xiuhe factory got a lot of harvest

   The Canton Fair, is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, and it is a grand meeting with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buy...

2016 05-04
How to tie a bow tie by yourself

   Bow ties are common clothing accessories for every man, and they are also essential constituent parts of Men's wear. However, there are some people. they don't know how to tie a bow tie when wearing it. It seems that tying a bow tie is a di...

2016 04-27
Seven-fold silk tie--The high-end tie from Xiuhe

   The seven-fold silk tie is a special tie whose production process is different from other traditional silk ties.     It has the similar process to bow tie and cravat,    It is special because it has no lining, when pr...

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