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2015 12-17
Xiuhe necktie factory became the first batch of beneficiary in the tax reform of Shengzhou National Tax Bureau

   “It is amazing that we applied for tax rebates yesterday and got the tax rebates next day. The high efficiency makes us feel so happy.” Alice Zhang from Xiuhe necktie factory said. Shengzhou is called “The necktie fa...

2015 12-16
How to maintain your silk ties

There are many kinds of fabrics of neckties, and different fabrics means different ways to maintain them. Now, let us learn how to maintain a silk tie.

2015 12-15
How to maintain a men's waistcoat

       Let us learn something about how to maintain a men's waistcoat. 1:  The sorting of waistcoats. It is important to put a waistcoat reasonably after you take it off. You should put it on a flat surface or put it on a han

2015 10-23
Why is cotton vest easy to shrink after washing

The raw material of cotton vest is cotton mainly. Machines spin cotton and weave the cotton yarn into cotton cloth. When being weaved, the Cotton fibers will accept the external force and be stretched. They will keep this state until they encounter water.

2015 10-23
The advantages and disadvantages of cotton vest

The advantages of cotton vest 1: Cotton vest has a strong ability to absorb the moisture, so you will feel comfortable when you are wearing it. 2: Cotton vest has good heat resistance. It won't be damaged even if the temperature rises to 110℃ 3: Cotton vest has good alk...

2015 10-23
How to wear a wedding vest in China

We only wear wedding vest at the wedding, do you know how to wear a wedding vest in China? China has a long history and traditional culture. It is very important to wear wedding vests appropriately at a Chinese wedding.

2015 10-23
How to choose fabrics in different seasons

When wearing a waistcoat, we should choose different fabrics in different seasons. It determines our comfortableness. Summer is hot and we are easy to sweat no matter what we do. It is important to find a kind of fabric which is very thin and breathable. Linen, cotton and silk...

2015 10-23
How to be a fashionable woman in spring

The temperature of the spring is instable. It is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, so it is necessary to wear a vest when you are wearing a T-shirt. How to match clothes to be a fashionable woman when you are wearing a vest? We recommend some kinds of clo...

2015 10-23
Xiuhe vest wechat mall opened

With the efforts of more than a month, the official flagship store of xiuhe vest in wechat mall opened today. Xiuhe has concentrated on suit vests, tooling vests, wedding vests, ties, bow ties, scarves and other clothing accessories since 17 years ago. We have novel style, Ric...

2015 10-23
The wedding vests manufacturer--Xiuhe's trip to Shanghai

The wedding vests manufacturer—Xiuhe, went to Shanghai to attend a training course on e-commerce with other companies from all over the country.

2015 10-23
Shengzhou government put forward a plan to support excellent enterprises

Recently, some starves of Shengzhou general chamber of commerce visited Xiuhe Company. They came here, asked something about our operation state of e-commerce, and put forward some suggestions. The manager of Shengzhou City Xiuhe necktie Weaving Co.,Ltd., Ms Zhang received them w...

2015 10-23
The summer workers of wedding vest factory

Every summer, it is a busy time for wedding vest factory-Xiuhe. Because our order quantity is very large at this time, our workers are too few to do this work.

2015 10-23
The annual travel

Autumn is the best time for travelling in China, because of not only the comfortable temperature, but also the charming scenery of this season. In November every year, all of our staff will spend a few days travelling to relax themselves Tourist routes are...

2015 10-23
Xiuhe vest was awarded Shengzhou e-commerce demonstration enterprise

Recently, the leader of vest customizing industry-Shengzhou City Xiuhe necktie Weaving Co., Ltd. was awarded Shengzhou Top ten demonstration enterprises of e- commerce. Shengzhou City Xiuhe necktie Weaving Co., Ltd mainly deal in Vest, necktie, scarf, bow tie and other clothing p...

2015 10-23
Team learning and innovation

Learning is the ladder of progress, either for a man or a company. So we should never stop studying. Xiuhe attaches great importance to the employees' study. Every once in a while, we arrange our staffs to go to Hangzhou, Shanghai or Guangzhou to learn and...

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