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2016 05-04
How to tie a bow tie by yourself

   Bow ties are common clothing accessories for every man, and they are also essential constituent parts of Men's wear. However, there are some people. they don't know how to tie a bow tie when wearing it. It seems that tying a bow tie is a di...

2016 04-27
Seven-fold silk tie--The high-end tie from Xiuhe

   The seven-fold silk tie is a special tie whose production process is different from other traditional silk ties.     It has the similar process to bow tie and cravat,    It is special because it has no lining, when pr...

2016 04-21
The nobility of ties-The silk ties

   For your dressing and temperament, when you have a higher pursuit, a low-cost polyester tie I think is not suitable for you.     At this time, you need a more high-grade tie-the silk tie. The silk ties are considered to be the ...

2016 04-16
Something about polyester ties-Xiuhe custom tie factory

  It is well known that a lot of different fabrics can be used to make a tie, such as polyester, cotton, linen, wool, silk and so on.     And they can be classified into several grades according to their value. Beyond all question, th...

2016 04-14
Something you should know about Pocket Square-Xiuhe Factory

   Pocket square, we can also call it handkerchief, the common size is 24cm*24cm, 30cm*30cm, 33cm*33cm. It is usually put in suit pocket as an essential part of mens accessories.      How to maintain the pocket square? 1...

2016 04-08
What determines the quality of neckties?Said by Xiuhe custom tie factory

   1:The shell fabric and lining. The main fabrics of neckties are silk and polyester. There are big differences between these two fabrics. The polyester is cheaper and it is very durable. The silk is natural material and has comfortable ha...

2016 04-02
Xiuhe Tie Factory held a wonderful company party

   It is well known that Xiuhe has a monthly activity-Company party.     It can not only relax everyones mind but also promote the feelings between family members colleagues. We often hold it at the beginning of every month just ...

2016 03-26
What is a fitted men's vest looks like?

   There is always one single clothes which can give you unique temperament, although you are wearing your common clothes, and that is the vest. It is always worn with suit and has been the essential clothes for every man.     Wha...

2016 03-16
The production process of a printed necktie

   The printed neckties are now very popular with young men as fashion accessories because of its gorgeous colors and diverse patterns.  They are so exquisite and beautiful.  However, do you know how a printed necktie is produced? 1...

2016 03-12
How to wear a leisure vest

   There is a style of dress that most people like it—The leisure style, When fashioning your work or having a holiday at a new city, You need to wear something that can make you relaxed and comfortable.  The leisure vest is a good ch...

2016 03-11
The main series of neckties from Xiuhe Necktie Factory

  In the fashion society, People's clothing and accessories are becoming diversified. Because of different materials, Production process, patterns and designs, We can see different types of products today. Being a professional custom necktie manufact...

2016 03-05
Some fashion collocations of ladies' vests in spring-Suggestions from Xiuhe Vest Factory

  It is spring now and temperature is much higher than that of last month.  Most of us have already taken off our thick cotton overcoats and begin to change our dressing.  With the warm sunshine, Xiuhe says that it is the best time to wear a...

2016 03-04
The technique of Men’s Waistcoat collocation

  Waistcoat is a good coat which can match different clothes easily. It can matched with clothes worn inside such as T-shirt, shirt, sweater, and it can be also matched with outwear such as suit, jacket and windbreaker. All these matches will mak...

2016 03-02
How to choose your personalized bow tie

  When we are going to a wedding or dinner party, our dressing are considered to be the most important things. For men, an appropriate and decent bow tie can always make you gentlemanlike and attractive. To be a gentleman, Xiuhe tells you how to...

2016 02-27
How to fold your pocket square

   It is a fashion society now, and everyone always pays attention to their own dressing. Being a fashion men, there are some accessories  They cannot ignore. A beautiful necktie, a clean pocket square, they are important accessories becau...

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