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2016 01-16
The pets' bowties-New styles from Xiuhe bowtie factory

   It is very common that you keep pets in your house, and most families regard them as a member of their family. Maybe it is a lively dog, or a lazy cat. Young people regard their pets as friends and families that they always like to dress ...

2016 01-14
The boss of Xiuhe necktie factory-Alice's birthday

   2016.1.14, the beginning of the new year, It is a special day for Alice, comes her birthday.     Who is Alice? Unbelievably, this woman is the boss of Xiuhe necktie factory, a famous custom necktie enterprise in Zhejiang. It is...

2016 01-12
The men's ties reflect your personality

   The men's ties have a variety of patterns and color, and they are suited for different occasions. It is always hard to accept that when you change your white shirt, you will have to change your necktie in the same time in order to make yo...

2016 01-11
Wearing suitable men's necktie in different occasions, Xiuhe necktie factory tells you

   At home when wearing a leisure suit? When you are at home wearing a leisure suit, and you want to choose a men's necktie, maybe you can choose pure color tie with bright and lively style. In order to match with leisure suit, colors such as...

2016 01-09
How to tie a fashion men's scarf-Suggestions from Xiuhe OEM scarf factory

  Now it is winter in the northern hemisphere, the coldest time of the year. And the scarves become the necessary things when you go out. However, scarves are no longer the women's unique, For a young man, a appropriate scarf can not only keep ...

2016 01-08
How to distinguish between different fabrics of ties-Some methods from Xiuhe OEM tie factory

  Neckties can be made of different fabrics, like silk, polyester, cotton and linen. Different fabrics have different appearance and hand feeling, meanwhile, they have different value. Generally speaking, the silk necktie is the most expensive one...

2016 01-07
Beautiful Bow Ties for Girls-5 new custom bowties from Xiuhe factory

 Bowties are always worn by men. Whether you are in the wedding as a bridegroom, or in a party as a guest, or you are working in a hotel as a waiter. The necessary thing you have to wear is the bowtie. The bowties are always important ornament...

2016 01-06
Being a custom bowtie factory, how to take good photos for products?

  Now we are in a visual era where one's appearance represents the most of him, this is the same to our products-Custom bow tie.                         During the period of cooperation, th...

2016 01-05
Xiuhe wedding vest factory accepted factory inspection of the Alibaba

  A few days ago, the wedding vest factory-Xiuhe received several distinguished guests from TUV Rheinland Group.  The Alibaba is a China's e-commerce giant who has millions of suppliers from all over the world, and It has strict requirement...

2016 01-04
How to make a little kids waistcoat for your children

      Do you have any trouble in choosing different style and pattern of vests for your picky children when you are in a clothes store?  There style is too simplex and the pattern is not diversified enough that your children do't like...

2016 01-02
How to choose a business tie?

   A Business necktie is the spirit of suit and it is indispensable to business men. An appropriate tie can always leaves a good impression to others.      How to choose a perfect business tie? May Xiuhe can provide some diff...

2015 12-31
The busy scene of Xiuhe necktie factory before the New Year

  Chinese New Year will start from beginning of Feb, 2016. And most workers of Xiuhe tie factory will be back at the end of February. Some will be at the beginning of March.     But the production is unstable even the workers are back...

2015 12-30
Two collocations of men's tie and shirt-Suggestions from Xiuhe

  There a saying that we can see a man's clothing levels from his shoes, his men's tie and normal shirt. Everyone wants to have many ties, Just like a women want to have many shoes. Always, there are many ties in a man’s wardrobe, but he do ...

2015 12-29
Suit vest--a new flavor for men

  Recently, we can see all kinds of vests in some popular TV play and movies. It seems that a suit vest is already an essential tool for a gentleman. An ordinary shirt with a vest can improve the fashion immediately.     Suit vest is m...

2015 12-28
The classification of men's waistcoat in Xiuhe

  Waistcoat is a fashion clothing accessories in the modern society for men. A men’s waistcoat can make you look more leisure and fashion when you wearing it. Either you are in a party or just at home.       After years of ba...

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