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2016 02-27
How to fold your pocket square

   It is a fashion society now, and everyone always pays attention to their own dressing. Being a fashion men, there are some accessories  They cannot ignore. A beautiful necktie, a clean pocket square, they are important accessories becau...

2016 02-24
Something you need to know when you are wearing a suit waistcoat

  The suit waistcoat is indispensable when you are wearing a suit. So what are you need to pay attention to when you are going to wear a suit waistcoat?     1: When you are wearing a waistcoat, your belt cannot be too thick, in order...

2016 02-20
Four types of bowties for you-Suggestions from Xiuhe

  When going out, there is not much clothing accessories for men to wear.  Among them, the bow tie always plays an important role. Bow tie is much more nifty and casual than a tie. It is not an accessory which is exclusive to formal occasions...

2016 02-18
The new beginning of Xiuhe in 2016

  There was an important festival for every Chinese at the beginning of February-The Spring Festival, also called Chinese New Year. For the employees of Xiuhe Necktie & vest Factory, It means bonus and holiday.     After 15 days' h...

2016 02-15
A good choose for you in winter-Knitted tie

  The weather is getting colder day by day, with a thicker coat or padded jacket, why not also choose a warm knitted tie as a decoration. The width of knitted tie is much narrower than normal tie.     So it looks more modern after ...

2016 02-01
How to Choose Wedding Ties for Men

   When people are getting married, their dress often play an important role. High-end wedding suits, clean shirts and the fashion wedding tie,     It is not easy for a man to choose a wedding tie, just like a woman choosing high...

2016 01-29
The origin of waistcoats

   There are a variety of claims about the origin of waistcoats.      The first saying is that the waistcoat originated in the tight clothing of the Warring States Period of China. And in the Song dynasty, it became a kind of...

2016 01-27
Different choice of neckties for different people

  Tie is a kind of important clothing that you can not live without neckties in today's society, no matter you are 1 years old or 70 years old. When you are just a baby,you need a mini tie, imagine the scene when your parents are celebrating your b...

2016 01-22
Xiuhe necktie factory took part in the competition of Shaoxing enterprises

  The competition called Shaoxing enterprises E-commerce competition was held about one month ago.     It was an intense Commercial competition in which all the participating companies compare the sales performance with each other betwe...

2016 01-20
The men's suspender

  The men’s wear seems very simple, but actually, few persons can point out all the accessories. It includes suspender even you can find it everywhere. It is necessary for you to realize this tool.      How to use suspende...

2016 01-19
Silk scarf makes elegant women

   Loving beauty is the nature of females. Especially in winter, Women need all kinds of things such as clothes and silk scarf to dress up. so that they look fashion and beautiful.       Scarf is very important for woman. Women...

2016 01-16
The pets' bowties-New styles from Xiuhe bowtie factory

   It is very common that you keep pets in your house, and most families regard them as a member of their family. Maybe it is a lively dog, or a lazy cat. Young people regard their pets as friends and families that they always like to dress ...

2016 01-14
The boss of Xiuhe necktie factory-Alice's birthday

   2016.1.14, the beginning of the new year, It is a special day for Alice, comes her birthday.     Who is Alice? Unbelievably, this woman is the boss of Xiuhe necktie factory, a famous custom necktie enterprise in Zhejiang. It is...

2016 01-12
The men's ties reflect your personality

   The men's ties have a variety of patterns and color, and they are suited for different occasions. It is always hard to accept that when you change your white shirt, you will have to change your necktie in the same time in order to make yo...

2016 01-11
Wearing suitable men's necktie in different occasions, Xiuhe necktie factory tells you

   At home when wearing a leisure suit? When you are at home wearing a leisure suit, and you want to choose a men's necktie, maybe you can choose pure color tie with bright and lively style. In order to match with leisure suit, colors such as...

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