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                                              History of waistcoats                                       

                                                                                           hundreds of years ago


      Chinese waistcoat has a long history,

which can be traced back to hundreds of years ago.

At that time, the queen and the princesses like wearing waistcoats made by silk.

It was the symbol of status for them.



Waistcoats made of animal fur became popular

20th century


In the 20th century,

the wearing of people had a big change.

Waistcoats made of animal fur became popular,


they were still the patents of rich people.



Xiuhe was founded

In 1998


In 1998, Alice Zhang,

a 28-year-old woman, decided to enter the field of clothing.

So, Xiuhe was founded, with 6 people and 6 sewing machines,

and at the beginning,

the main products were ties and bowties.



We decided to be the waistcoat pathfinder

Shortly after Establishment


Shortly after that,

we exposed to waistcoats accidentally,

and were attracted by its culture and beauty.

There were few manufacturers produce waistcoats because

of its difficulties of production and the blank of the market.

We decided to be the pathfinder.



Changed to a new factory

In 2001


In 2001,

we changed to a new factory,

and we have 30 experienced staff.

At that year,

we set up a design department,

began to design waistcoats and ties by ourselves.



Scale expansion

In 2005


We changed our work place again in 2005,

and our staff rose to 60 people.

In the meantime,

we set up our foreign trade department

to step in international trade.



Globalism is a trend


  In 2006


Globalism is a trend,

and we established Xiuhe's operation mode of the future:

Providing custom waistcoats and ties mainly,

also providing bowtie, scarf, pocket square,

suspender and other accessories.

We knew clearly that our market was in abroad in the future.



Brand Creation


In 2008


custom tiecustom tie

In 2008,

We created our own tie brand “ Kat Cheung Bahar”,

and our website opened in each big electric business platform.



Product Development


In 2011


We have never stopped innovating.

In 2011, we developed a special waistcoat

which would not be out of shape after being washed 50 times.

At that year,

foreign trade sales became the main part of our company's sales.



We are committed to being the leader of waistcoats and ties




custom tie

Now, Xiuhe is committed to being the leader of waistcoat and tie industry

because of our technology and quality,

all the time our positioning is the high-end products.

We have more than 100 happy staff, full set of imported equipments,

6 main foreign markets,

dozens of fixed cooperative international enterprises.

This year, we optimistically estimate

that our annual turnover will be more than $5 million.


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