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2020 05-30
Xiuhe Factory Custom Cheap School Logo Tie

School tie is an important part of the uniform.Wearing school logo ties can let others know which school we are in easily.people can see the unity of a school and its good atmosphere.If you want custom school logo tie,contact Xiuhe.

2020 04-30
Custom Different Series Ties By Xiuhe Factory

The tie is like a symbol, showing the formal, deep stability and social meeting, which is generally used for decoration, with the suit to match, usually used in formal occasions.1.Business series;2.Party series;3.Informal series;4.School series.

2020 02-19
Xiuhe Start Work-Try To Control Coronavirus

Affected by a novel coronavirus, our holiday is extended to February 13. The Chinese government immediately took effective measures to control virus. Now we start work.??China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus.

2019 12-25
Design Your Own Christmas Tie By Xiuhe Tie Manufacturer

Design your own Christmas tie By Xiuhe tie manufacturer.Xiuhe tie manufacturer has a professional design team can provide Christmas tie design according to customer's requirements.

2019 08-13
Prevention and removal techniques of necktie folds

Now, whether men or women are ready to wear a few ties, whether to attend important events or to wear regular clothes, neckties are no longer the representative of business, and there are more patterns. For neckties, the biggest headache is dealing with ...

2019 06-29
A tie sees through a man

 A person's dress is the most true portrayal of his upbringing, taste and financial resources. When it comes to clothes, there is a saying: "Women's closets are always less clothes, men's closets are always less ties. " On more important occ...

2019 05-24
How to choose a suitable wedding tie

 The wedding is a lifelong event. Friends and relatives will come to bring their own blessings. On this day, you are the focus of the audience. Your own clothes naturally attract attention. The tie is the most prominent accessory for men. How shou...

2019 04-20
What you don't know about the charm of a pocket square

 In modern times, a gentleman wears a suit pocket square. It is a costume and represents a kind of etiquette. Especially when attending a major event, as an accessory on a suit as an integral part of the overall beauty of clothing, it is a condensed...

2019 03-29
"The company grows with you" --Xiuhe Necktie March birthday party

 In order to enhance the cohesion of the corporate team, enhance the friendship of employees, promote the construction of the company's corporate culture, and help the company form a good centripetal force and cohesion. All the employees of the Xi...

2019 02-22
Professional Men's Clothing Accessories Factory--Xiuhe Necktie

 Shengzhou Xiuhe Tie Weaving Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional tie processing for 21 years. We have a production base of 2,000 square meters, all imported German machinery and equipment, and have 6 production lines. Professional design teams can ...

2019 01-26
How to tell a silk tie from a polyester tie

 1.Identification of Tie Raw Materials Due to the improvement in the post-processing technology of silk neckties and polyester neckties, it is no longer possible to distinguish them with the hands or the naked eye. Therefore, the general differ...

2018 12-28
Xiuhe pet bow tie -- your pet's exclusive accessories

Pets play an important role in people's lives. It can be said that pets can be seen everywhere in life, more and more pets are kept, and more and more people are dressing up pets.     So more and more people began to embark on the road of dazz...

2018 11-24
Designed for you who can't tie a necktie -- zipper necktie

 Fast pace of life makes people become more and more impatient, if wearing a tie every day will consume the rush of time before going to work, it is also very annoying. But now, with the advent of zipper ties, tying ties has become much easier and ...

2018 10-30
Method of maintaining neckties

 Are you still upset that you can't maintain your neckties?If you look down, you'll get the answer. 1.Remove the tie in reverse as you would wear it,do not pull the narrow end out of the knot.   2.If the tie appears drape, it can be folded...

2018 09-18
The Beijing 5-day tour for Excellent employees

 In order to better reflect the corporate culture of Xiuhe necktie factory and reward individuals and teams with outstanding performance, our company organized a "five-day trip to Beijing" for outstanding employees.    ...

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