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2016 01-04
How to make a little kids waistcoat for your children

      Do you have any trouble in choosing different style and pattern of vests for your picky children when you are in a clothes store?  There style is too simplex and the pattern is not diversified enough that your children do't like...

2016 01-02
How to choose a business tie?

   A Business necktie is the spirit of suit and it is indispensable to business men. An appropriate tie can always leaves a good impression to others.      How to choose a perfect business tie? May Xiuhe can provide some diff...

2015 12-31
The busy scene of Xiuhe necktie factory before the New Year

  Chinese New Year will start from beginning of Feb, 2016. And most workers of Xiuhe tie factory will be back at the end of February. Some will be at the beginning of March.     But the production is unstable even the workers are back...

2015 12-30
Two collocations of men's tie and shirt-Suggestions from Xiuhe

  There a saying that we can see a man's clothing levels from his shoes, his men's tie and normal shirt. Everyone wants to have many ties, Just like a women want to have many shoes. Always, there are many ties in a man’s wardrobe, but he do ...

2015 12-29
Suit vest--a new flavor for men

  Recently, we can see all kinds of vests in some popular TV play and movies. It seems that a suit vest is already an essential tool for a gentleman. An ordinary shirt with a vest can improve the fashion immediately.     Suit vest is m...

2015 12-28
The classification of men's waistcoat in Xiuhe

  Waistcoat is a fashion clothing accessories in the modern society for men. A men’s waistcoat can make you look more leisure and fashion when you wearing it. Either you are in a party or just at home.       After years of ba...

2015 12-25
The Christmas Festival of Xiuhe tie factory

  December 25th is an important day in western countries-The Christmas Day. It always means Christmas trees, Christmas party. People will dress up their houses, go shopping out and enjoy delicious food with their families.  With the trend of ...

2015 12-24
Five methods of tying a necktie

   Neckties are important for men.Weather you go to a party or a business negotiation, or you are just going to marry your girlfriend, Necktie is essential. However, so many men don't know how to tie a necktie.   What a shame it is when ...

2015 12-23
How to wash your silk tie? Xiuhe has something to say

   Silk ties are made of delicate fabrics. When we are wearing one, it is easy to make it dirty. How to wash a dirty silk tie? it seems that you need to know something. If some coffee or juice stains your silk tie, the situation is very com...

2015 12-22
The Christmas Ties for Kids

  It is exciting that the Christmas is coming. As parents, have you prepared gifts for your kids? About the Christmas gifts, maybe we can offer some suggestions which will surprise them-a Christmas tie.   If you are still worried about t...

2015 12-21
How to produce a good suit waistcoat

   When we are producing a suit waistcoat, every link is very important.  Some small details of sewing determines its quality   . Xiuhe is a professional high-end suit vest manufacturer with 17 years' rich experience in customizing me...

2015 12-19
The learning seminar of young girls from Xiuhe tie factory

  There is a slogan in Xiuhe tie factory-“We can't stop learning even when we are old” We have more than 20 young girls and boys in our trade department, and most of them are graduated from University.  Last day, we went to Hangzho...

2015 12-18
Xiuhe vest factory get guidance from several experts

   December 18th,2015. Xiuhe vest factory received several distinguished guests, 6 officers from Shengzhou economic and information bureau. Shengzhou is famous for ties and vests, and there were many tie and vest factory here. Proudly,...

2015 12-17
Xiuhe necktie factory became the first batch of beneficiary in the tax reform of Shengzhou National Tax Bureau

   “It is amazing that we applied for tax rebates yesterday and got the tax rebates next day. The high efficiency makes us feel so happy.” Alice Zhang from Xiuhe necktie factory said. Shengzhou is called “The necktie fa...

2015 12-16
How to maintain your silk ties

There are many kinds of fabrics of neckties, and different fabrics means different ways to maintain them. Now, let us learn how to maintain a silk tie.

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