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What determines the quality of neckties?Said by Xiuhe custom tie factory

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 1:The shell fabric and lining.

The main fabrics of neckties are silk and polyester.

There are big differences between these two fabrics. The polyester is cheaper and it is very durable.

The silk is natural material and has comfortable hand feeling,

it is high-grade material. So, the price is high.


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2: The interlining of neckties.

There are two kinds of interlinings, polyester and wool.

According to the content of wool, the wool interlining can be divided into 30%, 50%, 70% and 100%.

The content of wool is higher, the quality of neckties is better.


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3: The Knitting density of the fabric.

It is mostly for silk neckties.

 The knitting density of the fabric determines the hand feeling of the necktie, meanwhile,

it determines the quality of the necktie.

Higher knitting density means higher quality, and also means higher price.


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4: The production technology.

The production technology determines the quality of neckties directly,

different production technologies means different quality and price.


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