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2018 11-24
Designed for you who can't tie a necktie -- zipper necktie

 Fast pace of life makes people become more and more impatient, if wearing a tie every day will consume the rush of time before going to work, it is also very annoying. But now, with the advent of zipper ties, tying ties has become much easier and ...

2018 10-30
Method of maintaining neckties

 Are you still upset that you can't maintain your neckties?If you look down, you'll get the answer. 1.Remove the tie in reverse as you would wear it,do not pull the narrow end out of the knot.   2.If the tie appears drape, it can be folded...

2018 09-18
The Beijing 5-day tour for Excellent employees

 In order to better reflect the corporate culture of Xiuhe necktie factory and reward individuals and teams with outstanding performance, our company organized a "five-day trip to Beijing" for outstanding employees.    ...

2018 08-15
A Memorable Day - The Birthday Party of Xiuhe Necktie Factory

  Today, Xiuhe Necktie Factory held a memorable birthday party for our colleagues who born in August.     Our company has prepared different kinds of food for all the colleagues attending the birthday party. Everyone enjoys the moment ...

2018 07-28
Xiuhe Tie Team participates in the training of Shan Ren College

   This time our team went on a one-month study in the electronic commerce institute of Shan Ren College. Although the sun was scorching in Shenzhen, we could not resist the determination of our friends.       This is the 53...

2018 06-01
How to identify a high quality necktie

 In today's social environment, a man's image is the first step to success.Elegant, calm and gentle are the requirements of civilized society for men's image.As a part of men's clothing, the tie fully embodies the rich connotation of the tie as a costume ...

2018 05-05
A man must have a tie - a printed floral tie

 A man must have a tie - a printed floral tie Stripe neckties, dot neckties, which can be seen everywhere, those fashion people can't be satisfied with that anymore. When you're still thinking about what color tie to wear with a suit of color, ...

2018 04-10
You may want to know - How to wear a tie well

You may use a tie on a variety of occasions, but do you know there are many ways to wear a tie?Look down and you'll find a new continent.     1.Piain Knot The Piain Knot is one of the most popular ties for men. It is almost suitable fo...

2018 03-01
Congratulations on the successful 15th anniversary of Xiuhe custom necktie trade company

  At the end of 2017, To celebrate the Chinese New Year and the 15th anniversary of xiuhe.     We held a big celebration. The party means the end of work 2017,     it’s also a way of giving back to employees by giv...

2018 01-16
The Grand feast of Xiuhe Necktie Factory

   At the beginning of 2018, Today is a special day-The birthday of Alice and other 12 employees. Xiuhe custom necktie factory prepared a feast to thank the boss, and also thank the employees’ efforts.      Party was a ...

2018 01-13
The new series of custom ties for Young men-launched by Xiuhe Tie factory

   Silk Neckties have gorgeous color, smooth and delicate feel, and Relatively high prices.     They can be Delicate gifts and always considered to be the best choice to match your suit On important occasions.  In today's soc...

2017 12-20
Xiuhe Scarves Factory Launched A batch of New custom football scarf

  It is well known that the Football is the number one sport in the world,     and it has hundreds of millions of fans From different countries and regions. As a part of the football game, the football scarves are indispensable when y...

2017 11-30
The memorable birthday party of Xiuhe custom tie factory

  Today, Xiuhe custom tie factory held a wonderful party for our colleagues whose birthdays are in November.     It was the last day of November, and it was also a rare opportunity for everyone to get together and relax themselves. &n...

2017 11-24
A good news for Shengzhou necktie industry, the 《Common tie group standard》 was enacted.

   To numerous neckties enterprises, it is necessary to Constantly improve products quality if we want to get Continuous development and progress.  In recent days,the《Common tie group standard》 was enacted and it is the first “Zhej

2017 10-11
Knitted Ties-The beat match With your shirt in the Cool autumn

 Knitted Ties-The beat match With your shirt in the Cool autumn     Knitted ties are different from other neckties, They are not as common as other ties. They have different processing techniques, and are more thick. Their designs are le...

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