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How to tie a bow tie by yourself

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 Bow ties are common clothing accessories for every man,

and they are also essential constituent parts of Men's wear. However, there are some people.

they don't know how to tie a bow tie when wearing it.

It seems that tying a bow tie is a difficult thing.

Now, We will tell you that you are wrong, tying a bow tie is so easy, just like tying your shoes. 

custom bow tie

1 : Put the bow tie on your neck, and keep one end longer than the other one,

overlap them and make the longer end In the above

2 Make the longer end circle the short one(Refer to figure 3), fold the short end into cyclic annular.

custom bow tie

3 Put the longer end in front of the cyclic annular.

custom bow tie

4 Hold the cyclic annular, enwind the cyclic annular with the longer end as shown in the figure 6

5 Fold The rest of the longer end into cyclic annular too, and Put it into the middle circle

6 Now,you can see that you have completely tied a bow tie

Certainly, If the bow tie is not so beautiful as you expected,

just gently pull the  both ends and adjust the knot, Is it more simple than tying your shoes? 

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