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Xiuhe tie Factory successfully completed customization of lawyer tie

Visit: - Release time: 2016-06-11 16:02:00
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The most employees of large companies,

the government units and public institutions need to wear neckties when working,

because their jobs ask them to pay attention to their personal images. 

Different companies have their unique culture and requirements,

they have to customize unique ties which have not only their logos,

but also have personalized shapes,

and the customization job is the specialty of Xiuhe tie Factory.


custom tie


Xiuhe tie Factory got some lawyer clients several days ago,

and they came to customize lawyer ties with their own designs.


custom tie


It was a uniquely design that is completely unlike regular tie,

It has a plastic buckles and zipper, and its body needed a lot of folding and ironing.

It needed a whole piece of fabric and had no lining, and it has a flat bottom.

    Xiuhe factory is a professional custom tie factory

with more than 18 years' experience in designing and producing various neckties.

The special design was difficult, but it arouseded our designers' interests.


custom tie


After several days' discussion and tests, we made the first sample,

which made our clients feel very satisfied.

In the end, we got the order form of two hundred pieces silk lawyer ties,

and they are looking forward to cooperate with Xiuhe next time.

Customize uniform tie, come to Xiuhe!


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