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The 2017 Summer Fire training of Xiuhe Tie Factory

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The Summer is coming,

and the temperature is getting higher and higher.

In this hot and dry season, it is easy to have fire,



especially for the clothing and tie factory

which stores a lot of inflammable and explosive material.

In order to Increased employees' awareness of security and Guarantee factory’s safety,

Xiuhe tie factory held a fire safety training session In recent days.

First of all, we need to know some necessary theoretical knowledge

about the cause of the fire and methods of escape. 



In the next, the teacher brought a fire extinguisher,

and introduced the Using range and Using method of it.

generally speaking,

the application step of portable dry powder fire extinguisher

can be divided into four parts:

first step, pull out the bolt,

then Grab the bottle and the rubber hose rapidly,

next, aimed at the root of the flame,

and the last step, press the switch and put out the fire.



After a long theoretical study,

We did a field demonstration,



and our colleagues put out the fire successfully under the guidance of the teacher.

The training came to a successful conclusion

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