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Congratulations to Xiuhe factory on being a cooperative partner of 2017 lanzhou international marathon

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 The 2017 Lanzhou international marathon was over successfully,

and Xiuhe factory was luckily chosen the only supplier of the sports handkerchiefs.



The 2017 Lanzhou international marathon was hold in Lanzhou, Gansu Province on June 11th.

It was an international competition and attracted more than 40,000 players from 32 countries and regions.



It was all known that Every match requires a lot of sports garment,

sports handkerchiefs and other sports goods.



 Xiuhe Clothing accessories factory has a minor celebrity in the field of handkerchiefs,

and in early June, The organizer of the international marathon found Xiuhe factory by Internet,

they had a big order-35000 pieces of custom sports handkerchiefs,

and they need to get all the sports handkerchiefs Within a week after they Confirm the samples. 



After a short negotiation,We Took the order, after we received their designs.

Our designers and production department worked overtime, it took them only one day producing the first samples.

We sent the samples to them immediately.

It was Sure enough that they are very satisfied with the sports handkerchiefs samples.

And next, our handkerchiefs workshop was running at full speed.

3 days later, 35,000 sports handkerchiefs were completed on time. 



on June 11th, every Staff and volunteers of the match got their sports handkerchiefs,

which were produced by Xiuhe.



Xiuhe Clothing accessories factory is a professional

designing and producing clothing accessories Factory,

we have more than 18 years’ experience in customizing

all kinds of neckties, bow ties, waistcoats, scarves, handkerchiefs and other accessories.



The novel style and high quality are our pursuit. 

Customize handkerchiefs, welcome to Xiuhe!




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