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The Tie production base of the world - Shengzhou,introducd by Xiuhe custom tie factory

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 China has the largest Tie production market and industrial clusters.

We also have the world famous design and production technology,

a lot of The world's top brands Set up production bases in China, meanwhile,

a lot of  Local brands are becoming More and more famous, like Xiuhe,Babei,JinLilai.

     In china, The Tie production base of the world is a small city called Shengzhou,

custom tie factory


which is also called “The Famous city of tie”. For the names,

It has a long history, There are a lot of Tie enterprises and Family workshops here.

According to incomplete statistics,there are more than 1900 Tie enterprises

and 50,000 production personnel up to the year 2009.

We can produce Nearly 300 million pieces ties every year.

The Production accounts for 90% of China, 40% of the world.

The Exports of tie in 2010 is 151 million pieces.


custom tie factory


    In the past few years, the Foreign trade was continuously expanding

and the tie enterprises were Continuously improving their scale,

technology and scale of production.


custom tie factory


Now,the ties Foreign trade export amount is More than $300 million,more

and more Foreign ties customers come Shengzhou to discuss the cooperation. 


custom tie factory


    Xiuhe custom tie factory,the famous tie enterprises in Shengzhou,

we accept all kinds of orders on wholesaling and customizing ties.

Welcome to Shengzhou and Welcome to Xiuhe !


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