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How to match men's dressing and pocket square

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 It is a classic collocation for a man to wear suit, necktie and pocket square.

But how to match men's dressing and pocket square?

There are still only few people know the the correct way of collocation. 

Xiuhe pocket square factory will tell you something

to make you attractive.


custom pocket square


When choosing a necktie and pocket square,

Usually,you should the necktie and pocket squares which have the similar colors,

or you can choose the ones that have strong Contrasting colors,

In addition, you can also choose the same fabric ones.


custom pocket square


If you necktie is printed ties, and it has rich colors,

choose one of the necktie's colors,

and find the pocket square with this color.


custom pocket square


It is the most simple collocation when you have a colorful necktie.

Xiuhe pockat square factory is a professional

custom all kinds of men's cloth accessories manufacturer,


pocket square factory


We were founded in 1998 , and professionally customize

and wholesale all kinds of men's pocket square,necktie, bow tie and other accessories,

We have Independent design department,

and our young designers always develop new products every once in a time

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